About me

I'm a front-end engineer, a technical writer, and a cloud architect based in Sydney, Australia. My expertise lies in web development and cloud technologies. I have a knack for simplifying complex problems and creating elegant and intuitive solutions.

As a front-end engineer, my focus is on building functional and user-friendly websites, ensuring they are both attractive and efficient. Additionally, as a technical writer, I excel at translating intricate technical concepts into clear and understandable documentation. As a cloud architect, I design and optimize cloud-based solutions to deliver seamless performance and reliability

What i'm doing

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    Front-end Web Development

    High-quality development of sites at the professional level.

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    Technical Writing

    Clear and comprehensive documentations.

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    Cloud Architecture

    Design and optimization of cloud-based solutions to ensure optimal performance, scalability, and security for applications and systems.



  1. University of Ilorin

    2022 — 2026

    Telecommunication Science


  1. Technical / Content Writer [Freelance]

    Github Paid Community Writer Programs, Remote November 2021 - Present

    • Wrote 100+ articles for diverse platforms. • Produced and edited 75 articles for Educative Answers , Hit Subscribe, Coderpad , and MakeUseOf magazines, averaging a 4.5 rating, boosting readership and engagement. • Authored impactful articles for Proxycurl and Taggun , resulting in a 30% increase in website traffic and user engagement.

  2. Technical Writer

    Codecada Inc. | Porthacourt, Nigeria October 2022 - February 2023

    • Drafted clear and culturally adaptable instructions for customer programs, processes, and procedures, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and achieving 90% satisfaction rates. • Authored technical articles, tutorials, and content for the company, contributing to a comprehensive knowledge base and increasing customer engagement by 25%. • Improved website traffic by 20% through the strategic optimization of titles, keywords, and meta descriptions to enhance search engine visibility.

  3. Front-end Engineer[Intern] - Remote

    Uniskills | London, United Kingdom August 2022 - October 2022

    • Collaborated actively with the development team to integrate novel features and functionalities into the company's website, resulting in a 25% improvement in application performance and functionality. • Acquired practical, hands-on experience in utilizing modern front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, leveraging popular frameworks such as React to elevate application interactivity and enhance the user interface. • Engaged in dynamic team brainstorming sessions, presenting and implementing creative ideas and solutions to optimize project workflows. • Conducted rigorous cross-browser testing and debugging procedures, successfully identifying and resolving 30+ issues to achieve consistent rendering and seamless functionality across various browsers and platforms.


  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


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  2. IBM Web Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript Essentials


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  3. Freecodecamp Responsive Web Design


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  1. AWS Cloud Club Captain | University of Ilorin

    March 2023 - Present

    • Founded a prominent AWS-centered cloud club to foster a collaborative knowledge-sharing environment among students. • Empowered 100+ students, resulting in a 30% increase in active participation and contributions within the Cloud Club. • Curated 15+ events, drawing 500+ attendees, enhancing cloud computing knowledge by 25%.
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  2. Amazon Community Builder [FEWM]

    March 2022-Present

    • Advocated for Amazon's products, continuously sharing insights and knowledge about their offerings to a global audience. • Fostered meaningful interactions with Builders worldwide, resulting in the exchange of valuable experiences and insights, benefiting from 100+ collaborative engagements. • Engaged with 50+ professionals to expand my expertise and understanding in the domain, actively participating in knowledge-sharing dialogues and workshops.
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  3. Freecodecamp Responsive Web Design


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My skills

JavaScript, Python(Beginner) Data Structures and Algorithms, OOP, Functional Programming, Bootstrap, Tailwind, SCSS, jQuery, Jest, React, Microsoft Word, Git, Markdown, HTML, Google Docs, Technical Documentation, Software Documentation, Agile methodologies, Creative Writing, Quality Assurance, AWS, Google Colab, Google suites, Azure.



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